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Regulator for Calibration Gas Cylinder
  • Calgaz is refered as OEM Manufacturer for Gas/Accessories in the Industry
  • Fully tested, eliminate every chance that could leak gases
  • Serveral Customer: Honeywell, Draeger, Industrial Scientific, MSA
  • All lots of cylinders are traceable by lab database
  • Valves used in our Calgaz 34 and Calgaz 58 cylinders are our design and are manufactured to our specifications
There are 02 Types
– Fixed Flow Regulator (Factory Preset)
– Adjustable Regulator (Adjustable)
  1. Adjustable Regulator
To draw the exact mount of gas from calibration gas cylinder. Able to change flow rate in a range.
Đặc điểm: Easy to use, comfortable, light weight, match with almost calibration gas cylinders ( 2AL, 8AL, 6D, 10AL….)
– Aluminum alloy, Stainless
– On/Off nut
– Easy to adjust flow rate.
  1. Fixed flow Regulator
– To draw the exact amount of gas from calibration gas cylinder. Unable to change flow rate.
– Used for Calibration gas cylinder: Calgaz 2AL, 8AL, 6D, 10AL…
24 months warranty for all Calgaz regulators.

Two Stage Demand Flow

        The two stage DFR 2000 Series regulators are designed for use with instruments that utilize a pump to draw the calibration gas. The regulators provide the exact amount of gas the instrument pump requires. These simple-to-use regulators make calibration quick and easy by eliminating the need for sample bags, flow meters or special operator training. DFR 2000 series regulators are patented.

Trigger Regulator

     The 4200 Series regulator, also know as the “Trigger” is designed to quickly release a large amount of gas. Pressing the trigger activates the regulator and dispenses gas at a preset flow rate specified by the customer. The trigger can also be locked in the “on” position for continuous gas flow.

Fixed Flow – Standard Regulator

      These rugged economical regulators are single-stage design, and can be used with Calgaz 34, Calgaz 58, Calgaz 103s and Calgaz 116 cylinders. Each regulator is preset to deliver gas at a flow rate specified by the customer.

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